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View from the bridge of one of my previous vessels. Somewhere in the middle of the ocean._

Full-Container-Loads (FCL)

Full-container-load (FCL) shipping is a logistics option where an entire shipping container is dedicated to the cargo of one shipper. Unlike less-than-container-load (LCL) shipping, where multiple shippers' goods are consolidated into a single container, FCL shipments are exclusive to one shipper. This method is ideal for businesses or individuals with large quantities of goods to transport, providing maximum space and security for their cargo. FCL shipping offers advantages such as faster transit times, reduced risk of damage, and more straightforward customs clearance processes compared to LCL shipping. It's a preferred choice for those seeking efficiency and control over their shipments, especially for bulk or oversized items.

How We Do FCL

Our FCL experts will get the best FCL solution to meet all your needs, and enjoy the cost-effective and reliable way to ship your container from China to Canada. With FCL Cargos, we assemble a dedicated team to organize your cargo needs and monitor them. And when you partner with us, you'll also enjoy access to:


- Appointed account manager to work on your behalf with your supplier.

- Hassle-free transportation to port.
- Real-time customer support. 
- Oversized, overweight, project, and breakbulk cargo expertise.
- And much more!

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