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About us

We bring a vast level of experience in procurement, development and logistics. Our team is built of professionals in many different areas, and we work to assure you get what you are looking for. Our Goal is to help everyone save money and eliminate the stress of procurement or logistics, we take care of it all. 
If you have ever considered importing something in but did not know how, we will take care of it all for you. We are direct with the factories, you elimnate all the sales people marking up the prices and helps your bottom line. We have Quailty Control inspectors during loading, and insure we take care of the whole process from the conception to delivery. 

Why choose us?

  • Local company with experienced buyer team

  • Keep up with all trending topics and optimize product selection of customers

  • Reduce procurement costs with the multi-supplier strategy

  • Bilingual services to communicate between manufacturer in China and customers in  Canada (English,Mandarin,Cantonese,Punjabi,Hindi,Filipino)

  • Provide personalized service with transparent tracking

  • From finding the perfect product to receive them on hand, one on one services throughout

Service charge:

  • Initial deposit: $250 per product for sourcing, deposit will be refunded at the end if product purchase order placed and shipping with us

  • Sourcing service charge:10% of purchase price with minimum at $250 and cap at $10000

  • Purchasing service charge: 5%  of purchase price with minimum $175 per order and cap at $5000

  • customization service fee: additional 10% of purchase price on top of sourcing or purchasing fee

  • For example: you approach us looking for a piece of furniture, we will source this furniture for you. This is when the sourcing fee occurs. Next time, you would like to purchase this furniture again. This time we are going to buy from the same manufacturer as last time. There's no sourcing service involved, so we are only going to charge the purchasing fee this time.

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Procurement Process

  • Receive customer's initial inquiry about sourcing

  • Understand product details

  • Customer place initial deposit and sourcing starts

  • Team provide mutiple quotes from potential suppliers

  • Customer pick from suppliers to provide samples

  • After exam the sample, confirm purchase order

  • 50% of products price to be paid and manufacture starts production

  • Manufacture done produce, the remaining 50% of purchase cost plus 50% of logistic shipping cost due

  • Manufacture ship products to our warehouse in China, we exam and take photos make sure no mistake or damage

  • Shippment in progress and customer service will follow up with ETA

  • Shippment arrive warehouse in Canada, remaining 50% of shipping cost and procurement fee due upon pickup or delivery

  • Initial deposit will be refunded once customer received their products

Successful Custom Orders

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